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Please note that as of 1st January 2023, prices will need to increase as the level of medicare indexation has been far below the costs of providing care.

Dr Sood does not charge an out of pocket cost for endsocopy or inpatient services for patients with private medical insurance Note that you may need to pay the excess for your private health insurance policy when undergoing a procedure or admission. Occasionally, other care providers such as Anaesthetists or other specialists may have an out of pocket cost associated with their service.


You do not need private medical cover to have a consultation with Dr Sood.


Consultations incur a fee which includes an out of pocket charge that is less than that recommended by the AMA. The majority of the fee paid will be reinbursed via Medicare. For information regarding fees, please contact us. As a rough estimate, the out of pocket for an initial consultation ranges between $100-120 and for a review is $60-80 after reimbursement.

Telehealth consulations are charged at the equivalent face-to-face rate. 

Overseas insured persons without medicare must pay the full amount for the consultation and claim back with their insurance. Please note, that often a private consultation is cheaper than what some public hospitals may charge for a consultation in public outpatients for non-medicare individuals.


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